Short-Term Leasing

Short-Term LeasingThe best thing about a short-term leasing agreement is that both parties are getting what they want. A landlord has rent coming in on their property and the short-term tenant is able to be flexible. This can be suitable for people who work at the mines, lawyers that are representing someone in Newcastle or for others visiting. Newcastle Hunter Tourism & Accommodation Centre (NHTAC) offers extremely well-maintained properties for hundreds of occupants every year. NHTAC can help you figure out what you need and can assist with booking the accommodation for you with one of their listings.

Holiday Stays and Short-Term Leasing with NHTAC

Working with a company like NHTAC will ensure you are guaranteed quality and service second to none. They pride themselves on providing the best available rental properties for their customers. You will have access to houses and apartments in Newcastle, as well as the Hunter region. This includes Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley. Due to their extensive network, they can offer you affordable accommodation right where you need it.

The NHTAC Difference

If you are ready for that holiday, NHTAC is a company that can help you find the best place for the best price. When you compare other booking websites, you can’t always guarantee the accommodations quality or value for money. With NHTAC, you can. They inspect all accommodation to ensure you are getting the best all of the Hunter Region has to offer.

It is important to emphasise Newcastle Hunter Tourism & Accommodation Centre (NHTAC) is a Borrelli Quirk Newcastle Real Estate backed company. This partnership provides NHTAC access to hundreds of fully furnished accommodations for their clients. What more could you ask for when you are staying in Newcastle.

If you are looking to stay somewhere nice and affordable or you’re looking for a short-term leasing opportunity, they can help. Contact Newcastle Hunter Tourism & Accommodation Centre (NHTAC) today for the stay you need.