Booking Terms and Conditions


We act as an Accommodation booking agent/centre, all bookings are subject to the individual accommodation provider’s terms/conditions/insurances regarding their service to be provided, for which we have no responsibility or liability. Borrelli-Quirk Real Estate staff will describe the premises and location to the best of their ability and in good faith. No refund or responsibility for alleged misdescription can be accepted. Your booking with us, and your stay in the property we manage for short/long term letting, is subject to the terms and conditions contained herein. For the purpose of this document, and except where it is otherwise indicated, the representative of the owner of the property will be referred to as the ‘Agent’ and the occupier will be referred to as the ‘Registered Occupier’.

You acknowledge that your stay does not constitute a landlord/tenant relationship between us and neither party is bound by legislation covering such relationships. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions we will not be able to provide you with the goods and services you require. It is your responsibility to establish through the Agent that the accommodation being provided is suitable for your purpose. Whilst acting in good faith at all times regarding this aspect, the Agent does not accept responsibility for any misunderstandings which may occur. Also, the Agent is not responsible for actions taken by the owner of accommodation.

This may include but is not limited to selling the property, increasing the tariff, altering the décor, or withdrawing the property from the letting pool. Upon booking you must provide the following information: First name, last name, current address (PO Box is not acceptable), drivers licence number and expiry date, car registration and credit card details. Our use of your personal information is set out in our Privacy Statement which can be viewed at The person providing this information will be the Registered Occupier under these Terms & Conditions.

Persons must be over the age of 18 to book accommodation with NHTAC. In the event that a booking is made in the name of a business entity such as, but not limited to a corporation, partnership, or sole agent, and the name of the resident guest or guests has not been provided, that business entity acknowledges liability for all costs incurred by the resident guest or guests accommodated by such booking, whether an employee or other wise. Liability also extends to extra costs which may be levied as a result of, but not limited to inappropriate behavior, replacement of damaged property, extra cleaning costs, or any breach of our Terms and Conditions which results in pecuniary loss.

Please consider your neighbors at all time and keep noise to a minimum. We do not normally collect personal information about people staying with a Registered Occupier unless they are separately and individually our customer/s. However, we may record details of their behaviour and associate it with the Registered Occupier if they behave inappropriately. The Registered Occupier has the responsibility of ensuring that people staying with them behave in an appropriate manner, and conforms to our Terms & Conditions. The number of occupants must not exceed the number indicated on your confirmation letter.

The Registered Occupier will be held responsible for the conduct of persons staying with them, and be financially liable for any costs arising from breaches of these Terms & Conditions. The Agent also reserves the right to demand personal details of all of the occupiers of a property should the Agent deem it appropriate. We reserve the right to terminate without notice the occupancy of the Registered Occupier, and persons staying with them, who behave inappropriately and are using the premises for illegal activity.

This condition also applies to Registered Occupiers who entertain visitors who are in breach of these terms and conditions. The strata by-laws (if the property is a strata property) must be adhered to at all times, inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to breaches of these Terms & Conditions and include illegal activity, drunken, bullying or loutish behavior, the use of foul and indecent language, intimidation of Agent’s staff or other occupiers, malicious damage to property, unreported negligent damage, theft, or any other form of behavior deemed by the management to be a danger to the offending Registered Occupier, other persons, employees, contractors and the like.

We will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your property if stolen or damaged from the property during your stay. Stays of more than 28 days will be subject to a final clean including laundry costs at the occupiers cost. ./2 BQNRE 1/91 Hannell St, Wickham, NSW 2293 T 02 4961 5566 F 02 4961 2800 Email Web -2- We are users of Guests Behaving Badly Pty Ltd. It is a condition that we may disclose information about the Registered Occupier’s use of and behavior while using the accommodation to Guests Behaving Badly Pty Ltd and to third party service providers, for example those that investigate or protect against activities harmful to guests, visitors, employees and others, or to property.

Once again, we can only use the Registered Occupiers’ personal information in accordance with our Privacy Act Statement. Similarly, a copy of the Privacy Act Statement for Guests Behaving Badly Pty Ltd, is available upon request or at their web site at Our confirmation of your reservation is based on your agreement that we may collect your personal information for the purpose of conducting a check on a data base to which we subscribe. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation should we determine as a result of that check that we are not able to provide you with the goods and services you require. Our properties are fully self-contained, with a fully equipped kitchen.

Whist you are not charged a cleaning fee, (if your stay is under 28 days) it is a condition of occupancy that all washing up is attended to prior to departure, waste is treated in the appropriate manner and placed in the appropriate bins for removal, all food removed from the property, and the dishwasher clean and emptied of crockery etc. and the barbeque cleaned (if supplied). The general cleanliness of the accommodation is to be such that extra cleaning is not required. Should extra cleaning be required it will be charged to the Registered Occupier at a minimum of $82.50 per hour. The Registered Occupier is also responsible for all breakages and damage occasioned to the accommodation during the period of occupancy. Such incidents are to be reported to the Agent as soon as possible after the occurrence

The Registered Occupier agrees to allow access to the property by the Agent, or the Agent’s nominee, to carry out necessary repairs and to show prospective tenants. Similarly, if the property is for sale at the time of the occupancy the Registered Occupier agrees to provide access to the selling agent for the purpose of inspection provided such inspections are carried out by appointment, and at a suitable hour. Tenancies of a duration of 4 weeks or more may be subject to periodic inspections. Seven days written notice will be given to the tenant by the agent.The property which you will be occupying is designated NON SMOKING. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the confines of your accommodation

An excess cleaning fee of $200.00 will apply should evidence be forthcoming suggesting this condition has been breached. Pets are not permitted under any circumstances in any accommodation either inside the dwelling or the grounds. Guests will be required to pay the cost of fumigation of the accommodation, and general cleaning, should evidence be forthcoming suggesting that either of these conditions has been breached. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice. Electricity, Gas, Water are normally included in the tariff unless stated otherwise. Please be aware that any excessive accounts for these services will be borne by the tenant.

The excess amount will be determined by previous accounts billed to the property for a similar period of time. Our operators require a 50% deposit of the value of the booking to secure your accommodation. Reservations will not be held until a deposit is received. If payment has not been received within the specific time, the booking may be released and rebooked by another party. Some accommodation, providers may require a security bond. Please note accommodation rates do not apply on a pro-rata basis (e.g. weekly rental of $850.00, daily rate of $121.42) the daily rate is determined by the operator, not on a pro-rata basis. You undertake that all details you provide for the purpose of the booking are correct and that there are sufficient funds on your credit card to cover the cost of the service, your booking may be rejected at any time if you fail to make good on any of these obligations.

A credit card guarantee will be required at the time of the booking. Accommodation costs are not refundable, unless the accommodation can be rebooked in full. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing, if your cancellations/shortening of stay or termination by our agency is made during the booking monies are not refundable unless an alternate booking can be made. If a cancellation is refundable a $99.00 fee will apply. A $66.00 service/booking fee applies to all bookings. Only one amendment can be made free of charge, a $99.00 amendment fee will apply thereon. Each property is equipped for a specific number of guests; it is against Health Department regulations for more persons to occupy a property than there are beds to accommodate them. The number of people booked must not exceed the number of people residing in the property.