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More and more people are getting switched on to the options for accommodation out there. No longer is Accord or Novotel soaking up all the holiday going business. Companies like Newcastle Hunter Tourism and Accommodation Centre (NHTAC) are being used to find the best accommodation. Homes and apartments in locations that you could get to other than buy or renting long term. NHTAC offers the best in Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter and Merewether accommodation. 

You are hiring accommodation that gives you that “feels like home” feeling at an affordable price. You will also be in one of the best locations in the region with access to all the things you need without the Hussle and bustle. Soak up the Newcastle atmosphere at your own pace with NHTAC. 

NHTAC Booking  

Newcastle Hunter Tourism and Accommodation Centre (NHTAC) is fast becoming the most clicked online booking company for Newcastle accommodation. Hundreds of holiday goers, couples and families us NHTAC for their accommodation bookings. They know they are getting quality and comfort for a great price. Even newly moved families have used NHTAC to bridge the gap between homes. This is one of the services that NHTAC provides, short-term leases for the times when you need it. NHTAC offers same day booking and key pick up for your stay making it easier to know what you’re doing. Not only are you able to have a great place to stay, you have a choice of townhouse, apartment or home. Depending on your stay, NHTAC can offer you one of these three in more than 10 Newcastle suburbs. NHTAC looks after their clients to ensure your stay is one to talk about for years to come.  

Looking over the water and beaches of Merewether will let you know you are on holidays. Don’t get caught up in a inner suburb hotel or motel. Take a chance on NHTAC and get accommodation that helps you relax. Contact Newcastle Hunter Tourism and Accommodation Centre (NHTAC) today for more information about what’s available.

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