Accommodation while Renovating

The current downturn in the property market makes now a great time to renovate your existing home. Holding onto your property, taking advantage of record low interest rates and investing in smart improvements makes a lot of sense in a slow market.

While the idea of remodelling your home may make a lot of sense, you’re not alone if you’re worried about the logistics of embarking on a renovation. When kitchens and bathrooms are involved, the thought of living without cooking or bathing facilities, even for just a few days, can make anyone think twice about proceeding.

However, there is a way to make the most of these favourable renovation conditions while still savouring home cooked meals, relaxing in a warm bath at the end of a long work day and enjoying a comfortable life. 

The answer is staying in short term accommodation while undertaking your renovation project.

The thought of paying for alternate accommodation, in addition to your renovation costs, may not appeal. You might also be put off by the thought of uprooting your family from their home. It’s understandable – no-one wants to be faced with extra expense or disruption.

However, before dismissing the idea of staying in short term accommodation as too expensive or disruptive, consider some of the ways you’ll benefit from staying in short term accommodation while renovating your home.

5 Benefits of Staying in Short Term Accommodation While Renovating

Short term accommodation offers the comforts of home.

Staying in a home like setting allows to enjoy home cooked meals, hot showers and space to stretch out, without having to live through the chaos of your renovation. Your family (and your sanity) will thank you for it!

An affordable alternative to hotel stays.

Short term accommodation provides comfort and convenience for you and your family at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy greater value for money and access added extras by staying in short term accommodation while you renovate.

Stay in a property close to home.

Short term accommodation is available across Newcastle in many different suburbs, not just in the city. Keep an eye on your renovation and maintain your current lifestyle while living away from the chaos of home in short term accommodation.

Variety of Short or Long-term leasing

With properties available for any period of time, from a few days to a few months, you can choose how long you stay. If your renovation takes a little longer than expected or finishes up in record time, short term accommodation gives you the opportunity to adjust your stay to suit.

Increase the odds of a successful renovation.

Taking yourself away from the renovation is easier on you and easier on the trades undertaking the work. Reduce your stress and help the renovation along by using short term accommodation.

Why live through the stress and strain of renovation, when you can enjoy the comforts of home, at an affordable price, with short term accommodation through NHTAC

As the largest provider of short term accommodation in Newcastle, Newcastle Hunter Tourism Accommodation Centre can find a property to meet your needs while you renovate.  Contact our team today to discover how we can support you and your family through your renovation.

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